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At McIlwain Law, we have a combined 100 years of experience practicing law. We specialize in and have devoted our professional lives to fighting bullies and helping the underdog. We pride ourselves in pursuing justice and doing so with the highest level of integrity. This puts us in front of juries and into negotiations with huge insurance companies and multi billion dollar corporations in class action lawsuits, with the aim of not just a short term monetary gain but making a difference and as silly as it may sound, to make the world a better place for all of us.

The events which have unfolded in recent months have had worldwide impact, have impacted every single American, and sadly will continue to have repercussions for a long time to come. Whatever the true origin of these events, the effects cannot be disputed. America is in a state of shock, and it will be a long recovery.

In light of these events, we see a need now more than ever for advocacy on a more personal level, and for that reason, we are now offering additional services which in the past we only offered to existing clients. We are now providing bankruptcy,  social security/disability insurance, and wills and estate planning services. As the shakeup continues, people need peace of mind in knowing that these circumstances can be overcome and even parlayed into a fresh start.  Rest assured you are in great hands with us. We will get through these tough times together.