Social Security Disability FAQ

There are many misconceptions about what Social Security Disability is and what the rules are with regard to qualifying for, applying for and receiving these benefits. Many people hesitate to apply for the Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits that they are entitled to because they have heard one or more of the SSD and SSI misconceptions below. Don’t let these myths stop you from collecting the benefits you deserve. Here are the most common frequently asked questions we hear regarding Social Security Disability benefits.

are you allowed to work while applying for disability?

It’s a common misconception that you aren’t allowed to work if you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits. However, the truth is that the answer is partly dependent on your monthly gross income. If it is below a certain amount, you may still be able to apply for disability benefits. You can still be eligible for SSD as long as your income is below this threshold.

If you have already stopped working, you should file immediately. The faster you apply, the sooner you can start receiving benefits and avoid depleting your savings while you wait. 

do Certain diseases automatically qualify you for disability benefits?

No. Unfortunately, there is no condition which will automatically qualify you for social security benefits. Every claimant must present their own special set of circumstances to make their case, regardless of their diagnosis. This will require verification by your healthcare provider that your situation –your condition, age, educational level and work history– that you are unable to continue to work. In order for you to qualify for benefits, the Social Security Administration will require strong proof of disability beyond just a diagnosis. Extensive proof will need to be submitted to make your case for a successful outcome, and this is where many claimants fail, not understanding how comprehensive this process is. This is where we can help. We have the experience you need backing you to give you the best chance of getting approved if you should qualify.

can Young(er) people win disability cases?

Age alone cannot disqualify you if you have a legitimate case for an SSD or SSi benefits claim. While it is easier to qualify if you are over 60, as new procedures require that the Social Security Administration take age into account when assessing an applicant, if you have a work history and a disability that you can prove and that will render you unable to work for a year or more, you may be eligible and should apply for benefits. Disabilities can strike at any age, including 20s and 30s and even from birth, so age alone is not a disqualifier.

does the Social Security Administration deny every first time applicant?

If you have a good case for disability, there is no reason you should be denied as a first time applicant. However, the application process is complicated and lengthy and many people are turned down because they simply didn’t realize how comprehensive their documentation should be. There are pitfalls built into the process, and so your best chance for success is to work with someone who knows the process inside and out. 

At McIlwain Law, we are experienced with all aspects of the SSD and SSI application process and what makes a successful claim, so you relax and leave it to us. You take care of you, and we deal with the government. Contact us at 1 (877) 375-9599 or send us a message here for a free consultation.